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Why a BottleCrusher/Bottlenecker®?

8 reasons

1: High return on investment – It pays itself back – a lot of governements also give subsidy and tax relief on our machine. Our consultants can calculate the economic profitibilty with you.

2: Environment Friendly – We contribute at the degrading of the carbon footprint.

3: Corporate Social Responsibility – Also thanks to our partners logistically and suppliers, one of our main focus is CSR.

4: Health – According to Knowledge Resource Center of Food Service are cutting wounds the number 2 in the list of most common reasons for absence through illness – the Bottlenecker®/Bottlecrusher  reduces this risk considerable.

5: Safety – The Bottlenecker®/BottleCrusher is ergonomically designed according to the regulations of the Health & Safety Sevice.

6: Spacesaver – No more spaceconsuming storage; we reduce the waste of (bottle)glass with 80%!

7: Noisereduction – Because of glassprocessing indoors, the neighbours won’t be botherd with noise of shatterd glass.

8: Hygiene – The lockable containers prevents odours, (fruit)flies en wasps.