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THE green solution for waste of glass

Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher is a modular full service system and THE solution to the glass waste problem in hospitality industry, tourism, recreation and related industries. 

The concept consists of the placing of a Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher and the collecting, processing and recycling of glass waste. Everything in an innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

The Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher is an innovative glass grinder that reduces the volume of glass waste by 80% by milling bottles and other glassware. The Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher is available as stand-alone and as a built-in model. We also produce on demand and combinend with other technologies. The Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher is ideal for hotels, restaurants and cafés as well as indoor and outdoor events and festivals. The collecting, processing and recycling of glass waste can be done by us or by your regular waste disposal company. 
Do not give glass any space!

Every barkeeper recognizes the situation: at the busiest of the evening your glass container is full. Actually, there's no time to empty the thing, and it's definitely not an option to throw your glassware into the bin - For example; Last week, your colleague has hurt his hands so he will be absent. This could be prevented.

The inventor developed and produces the Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher: a full service system to handle this glass problem. The glass is grinded, reducing volume to only 20% of the original volume. And that is not the only advantage. In addition to the 80% space saving, the Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher is also completely safe, environmentally and user-friendly!

The apparent simplicity of the Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher is also its strength: empty bottles are thrown directly into the Bottlenecker® / BottleCrusher, just as it usually happens at a glass jar. The durable, replaceable chisel rotor measures the glass to glass granulate and stores it in a sealed container. The container is stackable and can be filled up to 50 kg of granules - equivalent to about 130 wine bottles! Then you can choose to process the glass waste by us, or just by your regular waste processor.
When we take your glass drain, we put social companies in those with smaller cars.